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Waterproof Silver Mirror

Our waterproof silver mirror is made of JINJING high quality clear float glass. It is carefully inspected to ensure no bubble, no scratch, and no crack on the top surface, so as to give clear and exact images. It comes with two layers of Italy FENZI paint, which has grey, yellow, green, and other colors for option. The paint evenly applied to the back surface of the glass can resist acid and moisture, thereby ensuring good waterproof and adhesive performance.

The waterproof silver mirror can be manufactured into any size and style, due to our more than 30 sets of mirror deep processing machine, such as milling machine, washing machine, cutting machine. For example, the mirror can be made into various shapes, like flat, round, oval, U shape, S shape, etc. It is also available in a variety of polished edges, such as round edge, flat edge, wave edge, beveled edge, and so on. Apart from the stock size and style, the silver mirror sheet can be cut and beveled to meet customer's demands.

This waterproof silver mirror has found applications in decoration, furniture, bathroom, and can act as cosmetic mirror, automobile rearview mirror and vinyl safety mirror. Hence, it is widely used by customers both at home and abroad. In addition, OEM service and code spraying are also available.

Specifications of the Waterproof Silver Mirror
Colors: clear, ultra, golden yellow, euro grey, dark gray, French green, light green, light blue, dark blue, etc
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Sizes: max size 2440*3300mm, stock sizes: 1830*1220mm, 1650*2200mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm, or customized size

Appearance Acceptance Criteria

Defect Description Degree Silver mirror
Frame up
Chip Major If frame will cover defect, it is ok. If frame will not cover defect, criteria is same as no frame up. Mirror side:≤2×2 mm, thickness≤ 0.5mm OK Paint side: only cutting, must be blunted (not sharp) OK
Unpolishing Minor
Unchamfering Minor
Corner Minor N/A
Fracture Minor NG
Grinding burnt, crack Minor NG
Grinding slide Minor If frame will cover defect, it is ok. If frame will not cover defect, criteria is same as no frame up.
Paint scratch Major Scratch piercing paint, N /G
Mirror side black dot Major NG
Bubble(clear) Minor If frame will cover defect, it is ok. If frame will not cover defect, criteria is same as no frame up. Cannot see from a distance of 100cm OK If can see from distance of 100cm, <0.5mm OK >0.2mm~ <0.5mm, 3defect/m2 <0.2mm, 8defect/m2 OK
Foreign body (clear) Major
Foreign body (colour ) Major
Scratch Minor Cannot see from a distance of 100cm OK
Dirty on mirror Substance affecting vision Minor Not accepted if permanent

Remark: packing, mirror size according to AQL=2.5 third level; appearance according to AQL=2.5 first level, re-inspection according to AQL=1.5

As a specialized waterproof silver mirror manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide aluminum mirror, bathroom mirror, clear float glass, tinted float glass, clear sheet glass, PVC profile, antique mirror, and much more.

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    1. Colored MirrorYujing colored mirror is usually produced by using tinted float glass. It is coated with the silver film and two layers of Italy FENZI paint colored in grey, yellow, green or other colors. This lead-free paint can prevent the mirror from being oxidized, thus ensuring long service life. In addition, the product is totally environmentally friendly, as it is free from copper and lead.