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    1. Aluminum Sheet MirrorThe aluminum sheet mirror is made of clear or tinted float glass, which is then coated with two layers of colored paint on the back surface. It produces clear and actual images by reflection. In addition, the protective layer effectively resists acid and moisture, making the mirror durable in use. This aluminum sheet mirror can be provided with different sizes and shapes ...
    1. Aluminum Glass MirrorThe aluminum glass mirror is manufactured by combing environmentally friendly process and modern glass processing equipment. It makes use of high quality and durability clear float glass, which ensures clear and bright mirror surface, as well as distinct and visual image. It is coated with FENZI paint, which has good waterproof performance. This plating layer featuring high rigidity and well bonding ...

Aluminum Mirror

Our aluminum mirror is usually produced with clear sheet glass or clear float glass, and coated with one layer or two layers of grey, green or other colored Italy FENZI paint. Hence, the high quality substrate allows the mirror to present clear and exact images, and the backing paint can resist acid and moisture.

This economically priced aluminum mirror achieves a maximum size of 2440*3300mm and is also available in stock size and tailored size. In addition, it can be beveled and cut according to customer's requirements. At present, the mirror is mainly applicable to the rearview mirror of automobile, and can be also found in decoration, furniture and bathroom. It has been exported to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Middle East, and so on.

Specifications of the Aluminum Mirror
Thickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Sizes: max size 2440*3300mm, stock sizes: 1830*1220mm, 1650*2200mm, 1830*2440mm, 2134*3300mm, or tailored size

Appearance Acceptance Criteria of the Aluminum Mirror

Description Degree Silver mirror
Frame up
Chip Major If frame will cover defect, it is ok.
If frame will not cover defect, criteria is same as no frame up.
Mirror side:≤2×2 mm, thickness≤ 0.5mm OK
Paint side: Only cutting, must be blunted (not sharp):OK
Unpolishing Minor
Unchamfering Minor
Minor N/A
Fracture Minor NG
Grinding burnt, crack Minor NG
Grinding slide Minor If frame will cover defect, it is ok.
If frame will not cover defect ,criteria is same as no frame up.
Paint scratch Major Scratch piercing paint, N /G
Mirror side black dot Major NG
Bubble(clear) Minor If frame will cover defect, it is ok.
If frame will not cover defect, criteria is same as no frame up.
Cannot see from a distance of 100cm OK
If can see from distance of 100cm, <0.5mm OK
>0.2mm~ <0.5mm, 3defect/m2
<0.2mm,8defect/m2 OK
Foreign body (clear) Major
Foreign body (colour ) Major
Scratch Minor Cannot see from a distance of 100cm OK
Dirty on mirror substance affecting vision Minor Not accepted if permanent

Remark: packing, mirror size according to AQL=2.5 third level; appearance according to AQL=2.5 first level, re -inspection according to AQL=1.5

As a specialized aluminum mirror manufacturer in China, we provide a vast array of products that includes bathroom mirror, clear float glass, tinted float glass, clear sheet glass, PVC profile, antique mirror, decorative mirror, among others.

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    1. Bathroom MirrorYujing bathroom mirror is a mirror installed in the bathroom for the user to wash and dress or used for decorative purpose. It is produced by coating a lead-free and copper-free silver film and two layers of waterproof paint.on the back surface of clear or tinted float glass, which perfectly resists acid and moisture. The mirror edge has many shapes for choice, such as round edge or so-called C-edge ...