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Venetian Mirror

The Venetian mirror adopts 5mm silver mirror, and MDF and cable as well. It is designed with etching pattern around the mirror, plain surface in the centre, and black painting on the back. This modern Venetian mirror has various size options as requested by the customer. Due to the mounted brackets included on back, the product can be easily hung. It is 100% handmade and aluminum polished, and also features light weight, 3D effect, and good anti-rust performance. Therefore, it is favored by the customers in Middle East, Europe, America, Australia, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, etc.

Our sample charge of the mirror is 150% of the quotation. We will return 50% back to the customer when orders are placed. It normally takes 1~2 weeks to prepare the sample for only one item.

One piece of mirror is packaged with pp plastic bag, then wrapped with white foam around the edge, and further covered by 2cm thickness polyfoam sheet. After packaged, the product will be packed into the carton made of plywood.

Packing List of the Venetian Mirror

Item No. Picture Qty Product Size Ctn Size
YJ-HBVE01 Bitmap 1 50*80CM 58*88*7cm
YJ-HBVE02 Bitmap 1 80*110CM 68*108*7CM
YJ-HBVE03 Bitmap 1 60*100CM 68*108*7CM
YJ-HBVE04 Bitmap 1 82*120CM 90*128*7
YJ-HBVE05 Bitmap 1 60*103CM 70*115*7
YJ-HBVE06 Bitmap 1 80*110CM 90*120*7CM
YJ-HBVE07 Bitmap 1 75*101CM 75*101CM
YJ-HBVE08 Bitmap 1 66*118CM 74*126*7
YJ-HBVE09 Bitmap 1 83*68CM 93*78*7CM
YJ-HBVE10 Bitmap 1 60*103CM 70*115*7CM
YJ-HBVE11 Bitmap 1 48*78CM 58*88*7cm
YJ-HBVE12 Bitmap 1 51*83CM 60*92*7cm
YJ-HBVE13 Bitmap 1 51*101CM 60*109*7
YJ-HBVE14 Bitmap 1 95CM 103*103*7
YJ-HBVE13 5Bitmap 1 70*120CM 82*132*8CM

YUJING GROUP is a China-based venetian mirror manufacturer and supplier. We also offer fog free bathroom mirror, vinyl safety mirror, co-extruded sliding door and window PVC profile, tinted float glass, and much more.

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