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Makeup Mirror

Our makeup mirror is a type of float silver mirror and has the function of actual reflection. It can be provided with different shapes, including round, arch, oval, square, and rectangle. A finished mirror has to go through a series of technical processes, such as cutting, polishing, and laminating. Our product enjoys high quality and competitive price in the market, and has been widely adopted by IKEA in Sweden, and many other customers.

We are a specialized makeup mirror manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide clear sheet glass, PVC profile, antique mirror, lead free copper free silver mirror, low reflective glass, and more.

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    1. Lead Free Copper Free Silver MirrorOur lead free and cooper free silver mirror uses JINJING top quality clear float glass as the substrate, and applies two layers of Italy FENZI paint in grey, yellow, green or other colors. It is environmentally friendly, as it is coated with palladium chloride instead of copper. This rigid and adhesive plating layer with good corrosion resistance can well protect the silver mirror.
    1. Vinyl Safety MirrorThe vinyl safety mirror is also a kind of pocket metal vanity mirror. It can be applied in the makeup, gifts, advertisement, decoration, etc. Available in the shapes of round, square, circle or customized shapes required, the product can also be decorated with rhinestone and other ornament. This safety mirror is made by covering a safety film like CATI, CATII, or PE film on the mirror ...