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Tinted Float Glass

Our tinted float glass is produced similarly to the normal clear glass, which is made of molten glass flowing through furnace gate to tin bath and then to annealing furnace. Differently, by adding small quantities of metal oxides to the normal mixture at the melting stage, a colored float glass is formed. In addition, the product under the force of gravity also obtains smooth and flat surface while floating through the molten tin.

This tinted float glass has good lighting effecting, as the transmission rate of natural light passing through the glass is almost 90%. With good heat absorption and reflection, the glass can also effectively reduce the transmission of solar heat radiation, so as to lower the consumption of air conditioner, thus achieving the energy saving purpose.

Currently, the tinted float glass is widely applied in the architecture, furniture, decoration, automobile, and so on. It has a complete range of sizes and colors for option, so that it can not only meet the lighting requirement of different places, but also adds elegance to the exterior appearance of a building.

Specifications of the Tinted Float Glass
Colors: French Green, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Light Blue, Lake Blue, Euro Bronze and Pink
Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Size: 1524*2134mm, 1830*2440mm, 2140*3300mm, 2134*2660mm, etc.
Packing: seaworthy wooden crates

As a specialized tinted float glass manufacturer and supplier in China, we at YUJING GROUP also provide clear sheet glass, aluminum mirror, bathroom mirror, clear float glass, decorative mirror, fog free bathroom mirror, and more.

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