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Low Reflective Glass

The low reflective glass goes through special treatment on one side or both sides, ensuring smooth surface and high performance. It is usually used in photo frame industry, and can also be found in other fields. The color, thickness and size of this product have wide options. Normally, the thickness is 1.8mm and 2mm, and the size is 600*900mm, 914*1220mm, 1016*1220mm, or can be tailored to suit customer's demand. With long time production experience, we can consistently provide the client with top quality low reflective glass at competitive price.

Packing and Delivery
The low reflective glass is protected with paper interlay between each two sheets, and then packed into the wooden crate which is suitable for seaworthy transportation. Furthermore, the iron belt is also adopted for consolidation to ensure safety. Generally, the delivery time is controlled within 15 days after receipt of deposit of TT or L/C.

Physical Performance Index

Sun protection factor 0.5
Shading coefficient 0.6
Coefficient of heat transfer 30%
Ultraviolet transmittance 30 %
Visible Light Transmission 75 %
Visible Light Reflected 10 ~ 15 %
Solar energy transmittance 20 %

We are an experienced low reflective glass manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including tempered glass, patterned glass, sliding window and door PVC profile, lead free copper free silver mirror, and much more.

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      The reflective glass offers high visible light transmitting rate and low radiating rate.
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