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    1. Stained Reflective GlassThe stained reflective glass is offered with the thickness ranging from 3mm to 19mm. It generally has two sizes to select from, including 1830*2440mm and 2134*3300mm. Available in a variety of colors like bronze, grey, blue, the product is widely used in building decoration.
    1. Color Reflective GlassThe color reflective glass adds great beauty to the room or architecture, as it is available in many colors, such as red, blue, green, grey, black, orange, and so on. As the thickness varies from 4mm to 10mm, it can be made with any size required. Combined with our modern glass processing machinery, the product achieves high quality and affordable price.
    1. Tinted Reflective GlassThe tinted reflective glass is manufactured with the thickness range between 3mm and 12mm.Conforming to the quality standard of Chinese GB/T and European EN, the product enjoys high quality all the time. It is widely applicable to building glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, double glazing glass, Low-e glass, and has been applied in curtain wall, decorative use, etc.

Reflective Glass

Due to our adoption of Chemical Vapor Deposition technology, the reflective glass has a uniform metal oxide layer which is chemically bonded to the glass surface. As the hard chemical coating is bonded to the surface tightly, the glass can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened, and laminated without affecting the coating.

The reflective glass offers high visible light transmitting rate and low radiating rate. Due to relatively low reflectivity, it can effectively avoid light pollution. Meanwhile, it is effective in controlling solar energy radiation and screening far infrared radiation, and helping save users' air conditioning or heat supplying cost due to its superior heat insulation performance.

Our reflective glass comes with a wide selection of external appearance and varied degree of reflectivity, and is also available in many combinations so as to meet clients' specific aesthetic and performance requirements. As compared with tinted glass, the reflective one has superior comprehensive performance. It helps users save energy consumption and helps filter the sunlight as well. It can also offer mirror effect and makes buildings aesthetical in appearance. Yujing is able to offer reflective glass in varied colors and specifications to meet the different application demands.

Colors: clear, French Green, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Light Blue, Lake Blue, Euro Bronze and Pink
Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Size: 1524*2134mm, 1830*2440mm, 2140*3300mm, 2134*2660mm, etc.
Packing: wooden crates

YUJING GROUP is a specialized reflective glass manufacturer in China. We also produce waterproof silver mirror, aluminum mirror, bathroom mirror, clear float glass, dressing mirror, among others.

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    1. Tempered GlassOur high quality tempered glass is provided at competitive prices and it is available in different sizes and thickness. It is achieved by heating high strength glass to intenerate and then cool it with cool air, so it has increase strength as compared with normal glass. Our product offers high impact resistance, and is tested and proved conforming to Chinese CCC standard and European EC12150 standard.
    1. Patterned GlassYujing patterned glass is achieved by using patterned rollers to roll over the glass plate while it is still hot and moldable. It not only offers visual difference as compared with common glass but also changes light reflection.
      We can offer glass with a great variety of patterns to suit customers' varied decoration demands.