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    1. Tempered Solar GlassThe tempered solar glass features good self-cleaning performance, strong heat stability, high surface flatness, etc. Offering high light transmittance, the tempered glass is able to maximally absorb the solar radiation, thus improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells. The product also has good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, so it is durable and can be used in a variety of environments.
    1. Laminated Tempered GlassOur laminated tempered glass is manufactured by using high quality adhesive PVB interlayer and based on advanced bond technology.
      The laminated glass offers extremely high safety. Its PVB interlayer enables the product to withstand high impact force. When the glass breaks, glass fragments will adhere to the interlayer and won't scatter ...
    1. Flat Tempered GlassOur flat tempered glass is available in different types, including clear, tinted, and pyrolytic reflective types. It can be polished to create round edges and the edges can also be chamfered.
      The product has high intensity. It is three to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. Also, it is a kind of safety glass, because the glass fragments will not scatter when it breaks.
    1. Curved Tempered GlassThe curved tempered glass is manufactured according to GB/T9963-1998, GB17841-1999, and AN/NIS2208-1996 standards. Its fragments will not scatter and do no harm to people around it when it breaks. So, it is a kind of safety glass. Also, the toughened glass offers high hardness and is 4 times harder than ordinary float glass, and it additionally features outstanding resistance to thermal stress and wind-load.
Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Our high quality tempered glass is provided at competitive prices and it is available in different sizes and thickness. It is achieved by heating high strength glass to intenerate and then cool it with cool air, so it has increase strength as compared with normal glass. Our product offers high impact resistance, and is tested and proved conforming to Chinese CCC standard and European EC12150 standard. It can be utilized in Class A buildings.

The tempered glass can be used as indoor partition, curtain walls of a building, and a part of doors, windows, balustrade, balconies, elevator and more. It is also ideal material for building a frameless all-glass assembly, showcase, shower enclosure, garden windbreak, furniture, household appliance and so on.

To suit customers' demands, we can offer toughened glass with thickness between 4mm and 19mm, and in colors like bronze, blue, green, grey, etc. Clear tempered glass is also available. Code can also be sprayed on the glass surface.

Advantages over Common Glass
1. The tempered glass has the same optical performance as common annealing glass. It also has superior mechanical strength and impact resistance as well bending strength. To illustrate, its mechanical strength is three to five times of that of common annealing glass, and its bending strength is two to five times of that of normal flat glass.
2. The toughened glass is capable of enduring temperature excursion between 250℃ and 320℃.
3. Safety is the best advantage. The product is a kind of safety glass, because when it breaks its honeycomb pieces can prevent people from injuries.

Normal Sizes
Maximum dimension: 2400*7000mm
Minimum dimension: 200*400mm

Packing and Delivery
Paper is interlaid between two tempered glass sheets, and then the product is packed into a seaworthy wooden crate. Metal strips are available for wooden case consolidation.
Our toughened glass can be delivered in 15 days after receiving your deposit by TT or L/C.

As a professional tempered glass manufacturer in China, our company also provides patterned glass, sliding window and door PVC profile, aluminum mirror, bathroom mirror, and more.

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    1. Float GlassThe float glass is made of molten glass, flowing through tweel to tin bath and then to lehr. Under gravity, the glass floating through the molten tin enjoys smooth and flat surface at both sides. In addition, the transmission rate of visual light through the glass can reach almost 90%, so that it can achieve good natural lighting effects when well installed. Available in a complete range of size ...
    1. Patterned GlassYujing patterned glass is achieved by using patterned rollers to roll over the glass plate while it is still hot and moldable. It not only offers visual difference as compared with common glass but also changes light reflection.
      We can offer glass with a great variety of patterns to suit customers' varied decoration demands.