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80 Sliding Window and Door PVC Profile

Our 80 sliding window and door PVC profile refers to our XINLI brand PVC window profile and door profiles with cross section width of 80mm. Made of UPVC, the product has good resistance to UV, aging, fire, corrosion, impact, water, etc. and also offers superior noise reduction and air tight performance, heat insulation performance, and good color fastness up to 50 years. In addition, it is easy for cleaning because a great variety type of cleaning agent can be utilized. It is ideal material for constructing a sliding door frame, sliding window frame and other types of PVC framework.

To suit customers' demands and maximize customer convenience, we can also manufacture sliding window and door PVC profile which can be mounted with mosquito screen or dustproof screen. Our PVC window profile and PVC door profile also come with elegant design and economical price, and are applicable for use in places with harsh environment, for instance, with lots of mosquitoes and dust.

The standard color for our window and door profiles is white. During production, we implement ISO9001:2008 standard to assure efficient operation and customer satisfaction. Due to high quality raw material, advanced production techniques, and strict quality control, our sliding window and door PVC profiles are up to GB/T8814-2004 standard and have achieved the Top Ten Famous Brand Product Certificate in China. They are successfully exported to and very popular in Japan, Europe, Germany, French, Korea, etc.

6pcs/bundle, or according to clients' requirements
10 tons/20fcl, 40 tons/40fcl

We can offer a great variety of types of 80 sliding window and door PVC profile to satisfy customers' diversified requirement. So, when you have any related need, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you select an ideal type to meet your demand. Detailed classifications are given below.

80 frame A, 80 frame I, 80 frame II, 80 frame C, 80 Sash A, 80 Sash B, 80 Sash C, 80 Transom Frame A, 80 Transom Frame B1, 80 Transom B2, 80 Transom Frame C, 80 integrated Frame, 80 Sash Mullion, 80 Transom Frame B Mullion, 80 Transom Frame C Mullion, 80 Mullion (aluminum rail), 80 Screen Sash A, 80 Screen Sash B, 80 Coupling, 80 inter lock, 80 single glazing bead, 80 double glazing bead, 80 door panel, 80 coupling, 80 corner, 80 coupling

As an experienced 80 sliding window and door PVC profile manufacturer based in China, we also supply aluminum mirror, waterproof silver mirror, bathroom mirror, clear float glass, tinted float glass, among others.

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