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    1. 60 PVC ProfileDue to high quality material and advanced production techniques, our 60 PVC profile, which comes with cross section width of 60mm, offers a lifespan between 30 years and 50 years, and it is resistant to water, fire, corrosion. Also it features good air tightness, which assists in saving energy and reducing noise. In addition, the recyclable material make the product environmental friendly ...
    1. 80 Sliding Window and Door PVC ProfileDue to high quality raw material, advanced production techniques, and strict quality control, our sliding window and door PVC profiles are up to GB/T8814-2004 standard and have achieved the Top Ten Famous Brand Product Certificate in China. They are successfully exported to and very popular in Japan, Europe, Germany, French, Korea, etc.
    1. 88 Sliding Window and Door PVC ProfileThe sliding window and door PVC profile are made of high grade PVC and is designed to manufacture window frame and door frames. With ISO 9001:2000 certification, we assure customer satisfaction in the modern market. Our window and door profiles are designed with drainage slots, and lead free products that comply with AAMA standards are also available.
    1. 80 Co-Extruded Sliding Door and Window PVC ProfileeThe co-extruded sliding door and window PVC profile has good impact resistance. Under a temperature of -10℃, it is capable of resisting the impact from a one kilogram object falling free from one meter's height.
      In addition, due to well designed structure and air tightness joints, the door and window profile has good sound insulation performance and conforms to DIDN4109 standard.
    1. 88 Co-Extruded Sliding Door and Window PVC ProfileThe 88 co-extruded sliding door and window PVC profile for window and door frame construction has many advantages.
      With rubber sealing strips for seam joints, it offers good air tightness and can help users save energy when air conditioning or heat supply system works indoors.

PVC Profile

Our PVC profile comes with variety of features including good heat and sound insulation performance, high impact resistance, and more. Given below are some details.
1. Made of PVC, the profile offers heat insulation performance 1250 times of that of aluminum profiles. So, even the ambient temperature is extremely low, the PVC profile can keep the warmth in your house.
2. Due to our special production technique and formula, our profile is able to resist the impact from a one kilogram object falling free from one meter's height, under a temperature of -10℃.
3. Through elaborately design, the PVC profile features tight seam and has 20dB soundproof performance. It conforms to DIDN4109 standard.
4. The water tightness performance of the product is up to DIDDN18055. The profile has water absorption rate less than 0.1%. Designed with water draining slots, it can effectively prevent rain water from entering into house.
5. Due to imported modifier and UV-screening agent added in the raw material, the product offers no color fading, aging and embrittlement under temperatures between -30℃ and 70℃, and in any weather conditions and ambient environment.
6. Our PVC profiles offer superior fire resistance. They won't cause spontaneous combustion, are not combustion-supporting, and are self-extinguishing material.
7. The product is corrosion resistant. To illustrate, it is resistant to any acid or alkali substances.
8. Our PVC window and door profiles offer good air tightness due to the high quality sealing strips. So, they can help save energy when installed in buildings with air conditioning system, heat supply systems, etc.
9. Equipped with superior quality metal parts, our window and door profiles also come with good anti-theft function.
10. Thanks to high raw material quality, our PVC profile is easy for cleaning and can be cleaned using any type of cleaning agent due to its corrosion resistance.

1. In order to keep the profiles in the best condition, please handle them with care during transportation and warehousing. Please avoid throwing, strong impact, direct sunlight, rain, friction, etc.
2. Store the product in cool and ventilated warehouses. The stacking height shouldn't exceed 1.5m, and the warehousing period is recommended not exceeding two years.
3. Please avoid direct sunlight while storing colored PVC profiles. Because colored profiles, especially profiles with dark colored coating, will absorb heat from sunlight, which may cause deformation.
4. We recommend processing PVC door and window profiles when ambient temperature is over 15℃, so as to ensure the window and door quality. The window and door installation temperature should be higher than 5℃.
5. Glazing beads should be installed with slightly beat and strike, which can also avoid damages to the window or door profile.
6. We recommend using PE film for our PVC profile packaging. Never use transparent PVC or other types of colored or printed plastic film for our PVC window profile and PVC door profile packaging.

We are a professional PVC profile manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including antique mirror, decorative mirror, fog free bathroom mirror, dressing mirror, lead free copper free silver mirror, and much more.

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