Sodium Nitrite

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Sodium Nitrite

Molecular Formula: NaNO2
Molecule Weight: 69.0
CAS No.:7632-00-0

The sodium nitrite is an inorganic compound in white or light yellow fine crystal, without any smell but with slightly saline taste. It is hygroscopic and very soluble in water. It comes with molecule weight of 69.0 and density of 2.168 g/cm3. Its melting point is 271℃ and decomposition temperature is 320℃. Due to strong oxidizing property, it can be slowly oxidized into sodium nitrate, NaNO3. Meanwhile, sodium nitrite has strong reducing property.

Sodium nitrite is ideal raw material for production of azo dye, nitro compound, and more. It is usually utilized as mordant and bleacher in fabric dyeing industry. Also, it is commonly functioning as metal heat treatment agent, early-strength admixture and antifreeze of cement.

Specifications of Sodium Nitrite

Item Quality Index
High-Class First-Class Qualified-Class
Purity 99.0% min 98.5% min 98.0% min
Moisture 1.4% max 2.0% max 2.5% max
Chlorides (NaCL) 0.10% max 0.15% max ----
Sodium nitrate 0.8% max 1.0% max 1.5% max
Water insolubles 0.05% max 0.06% max 0.10% max

Generally speaking, every 25kg sodium nitride is packed in a plastic woven bag, and every 500kg, 1000kg or 1100kg product is packaged in a jumbo bag. The product packaging is also customizable.

(1) Sodium nitride should be stored in ventilating and dry places to avoid direct sunlight, rain and heat source.
(2) Don't deliver or store the product together with strong reducing agents, inflammable and detonatable substances, foods, feed, and additives.
(3) This product is venomous, so please keep it safely and don't eat it mistakenly

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