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About Us

Yujing's branch companies include Shandong Hailan Chemical Industry Company Ltd., Weifang Yujing Mirror Company Ltd., Shouguang Xinli Plastics Company Ltd., Weifang Yujing Glass Technology Company Ltd., Shouguang Zhengtong Chemical Company Ltd., and Weifang Aoqili Logistics Company Ltd. Our companies specialize in the manufacturing of our fine quality mirror, glass, PVC profile, and chemical products.

One of our glass and mirror factories encompasses one of the largest production bases. Here we manufacture our copper-free and lead-free silver mirror, aluminum mirror, top quality clear float glass, clear sheet glass, and other glass products. With a perfect quality inspection system, our company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2006. Our copper-free and lead-free silver mirror have also passed the INTERKET test and received the TUV certificate.

Our PVC profile factory specializes in the manufacturing of our "Xinli" Brand PVC profile, plastic window, and door products. Our PVC profile and plastic-steel window profile products are manufactured using state-of-the-art Chinese Aerospace Technology, foreign advanced high-speed twin-screw extruding production lines, entirely automated window assembly lines, and a wide variety of PVC profile molds. Our customers, both at home and abroad, are impressed with our innovative production technology and the modern technology that produces perfect quality products that they can depend on.

In 2009, Shouguang Yujing Business & Trade Company Ltd. established a factory for the production of our chemical products. This factory is located in the Houzhen Project Zone of Shouguang City, north of the world famous kites city, and close to Weifang Port, Qingdao, and the capital city of Jinanin. This advantageous location allows for very convenient transportation of our raw materials and our finished products. With the development of nitrates as our leading business, we became a modern and sizeable chemical producer, specializing in the research, manufacture, and marketing of high quality chemicals.

This chemical factory covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, and has total assets of 400 million Yuan. We employ more than 300 staff members and have an annual income of 800 million Yuan. The main products manufactured in this factory include our industrial sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, sodium metabisulfite, concentrated nitric acid, and nitric acid. Currently, we are the leading manufacturer of our two sodium products, with an annual output of 200,000 tons. We are looking toward the future and, with our continued expansion, hope to reach an annual output of 200,000 tons of sodium metabisulfite and 100,000 tons of concentrated nitric acid.

With a strong technical core, advanced equipment and production processes, strict quality control, and a sophisticated computer management network, the superior quality of our products reaches even beyond international standards. That is why our mirror, glass, PVC profile and chemical products are well received around the world in such places as South Korea, Japan, Russia, Iran, Brazil, the Philippines, Vietnam, the Middle East, South Africa, and other countries and regions around the globe.

Yujing Company continuously strives to provide our customers with top quality products and complete customer service. We look forward to working with new clients both at home and abroad. We welcome you to visit our company. Together we can create a brighter future.

Developmental History of Our Mirror Project
2004 - We began silver mirror production and the deep processing of glass.
2006 - We expanded our office and plant area and introduced advanced production lines and machinery.
2010 - We became a Sweden IKEA supplier and started a new silver mirror production line.
2011 - We newly built our aluminum mirror production line, silver mirror production line, and a new glass processing factory as our production capacity continued to improve.
2012 - We created two new aluminum mirror production lines.

Main Products
    1. Lead Free Copper Free Silver MirrorOur lead free and cooper free silver mirror uses JINJING top quality clear float glass as the substrate, and applies two layers of Italy FENZI paint in grey, yellow, green or other colors. It is environmentally friendly, as it is coated with palladium chloride instead of copper. This rigid and adhesive plating layer with good corrosion resistance can well protect the silver mirror.
    1. Waterproof Silver MirrorThe waterproof silver mirror can be manufactured into any size and style, due to our more than 30 sets of mirror deep processing machine, such as milling machine, washing machine, cutting machine. For example, the mirror can be made into various shapes, like flat, round, oval, U shape, S shape, etc. It is also available in a variety of polished edges, such as round edge, flat edge, wave edge, beveled edge ...